Reduce AC
energy consumption


Brains of the operation

The Mistbox control unit is a smart device that uses an array of sensors to detect the operation of your AC unit.


Combining this information with climate conditions, Mistbox is able to optimize mist and monitor the health of your system.


Just a few drops of H2O

Mistbars position nozzles around your AC condenser and create a fine water mist which evaporates to
pre-cool the incoming air.


Clean as a whistle

Mistbox uses a proprietary combination of advanced water treatment technologies to ensure mist cannot harm your AC unit.

Mistbox’s water treatment system converts dissolved solids into microscopic nano crystals. By killing all bacteria in the water and on the surfaces of your AC condenser, the chance of particles adhering is significantly reduced.


Powered by the wind

A specially designed turbine generator powers your Mistbox using exhaust air salvaged from your AC condenser.

No charging required … Simple


Track consumption and see reports on Mistbox app.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! While humidity does have an effect, Mistbox users can expect to save between 20-38% on their AC related power costs. The lower end of that range occurs in mild, humid climates while those in hot, dry climates could expect to save more. Many customers in humid climates like the deep south and Florida run their AC for most of the year. So while their percentage might be lower, they still save a lot because they use AC so much. The more AC you use, the more you’ll save.
Many customers ask us about water treatment. Mistbox has developed a custom water treatment system to ensure the fine misting can not damage the AC unit. The patent pending method kills bacteria on contact and treats metal surfaces to make algae or mold growth an impossibility. The method also neutralizes dissolved solids (hardness) in the water so they cannot tightly adhere to the condenser fins. The Mistbox filters have been designed to work with municipal water anywhere in the continental US.
You need one Mistbox per AC unit. This is because Mistbox is designed to sense when the unit is running and optimize its misting schedule to that particular unit. As different units have different schedules, each needs its own Mistbox to efficiently maximize savings and avoid waste.
Because the Mistbox nozzles broadcast such a fine mist, only runs when conditions are right, water isn’t wasted. With the national average price for water coming in at $1.50 for 1,000 gallons, you’re trading pennies in water for dollars in energy savings.
Yes! Mistbox is universally compatible, and the tubing can be adjusted to any size AC unit.


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